Laser Engraving Training



Immersive Hands-On Training with Students utilizing their own equipment. From setup and calibration all the way to deep metal engraving, our students receive all the tools needed to be successful as soon as they return home with their lasers!

*Training classes purchased WITHOUT purchasing the LSG-30 bundle are EXTREMELY LIMITED. Currently our class size is limited to 3 students and fill up fast.

We will teach: setup, operation, processes, and simple graphic design. Our graduates are able to become profitable as soon as they return home with their lasers. Classes are taught at a maximum 1:3 Instructor/Student Ration

3 Day Course Friday-Sunday 9-5 EST (Lunch 12:00-1:00 EST)

Deep metal engraving (NFA/ATF Compliant)
Metal marking and surface etching
Polymer engraving
Industrial Coating engraving
Paper, vinyl, leather engraving
Firearm, jewelry, medical, manufacturing and many other applications

All students have access to our Online Mentoring Group. A community that actively shares information with it’s members, settings, artwork, shop setups, and much more. We also provide after sales support via email, text, chat and even remote sessions.

We are currently finalizing our funding partnership, but now for those that qualify you can choose the Pay Later Option through PayPal.

Throughout our 3 day training class, you will learn the necessary skills to render all services and produce the quality jobs you see featured at “Rooster Concepts”. Though we started with the world of custom motorcycles and pivoted into firearms, our processes apply to most industries, including:
knives, jewelry, outdoors, manufacturing, medical, and many more!

Call us today at (757)797-9951 to schedule your training.

* All students will be requires to sign a Nondisclosure Agreement prior to attending class.
** Balance most be paid in full or financing arranged prior to attending class.

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